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Effective 2009 Global ENT Outreach will be awarding two annual scholarships for senior and chief Otolaryngology residents and fellows in Otology interested in international health and service projects.

The purpose of the scholarship is to encourage an attitude of service in young physicians. The scholarships honor the memory and ideals of Dr. Masih Farhangi and Dr. Farhad Asdaghi - two physicians with exemplary dedication to selfless service to humanity.They both laid down their lives upholding this sacred duty.

The Board of Directors of GEO has full autonomy in granting the scholarships.There is no preference given based on gender, culture, race, religion, place of training or other factors not relevant to the service projects.Preference is given to residents who have an interest in Otology as a career and who pledge to serve the under-privileged, internationally or at home.

The two scholarships in the amount of $500 for direct cost of the travel are offered once a year.The deadlines for the application are April 1st for the first cycle and October 1st for the second cycle.The scholarships are ONLY for projects under the auspices of Global ENT Outreach.The awardees are required to write a report about their experience on the international service project and give a presentation to their training institution as well.

To apply for the scholarship please contact us at GEO.
Dr. Farhangi was a graduate of the Tehran School of Medicine and obtained his specialty degree in Cardiology in Istanbul,Turkey. He spent most of his career as a physician in the town of Rasht in the northern provinces of Iran- a post that he did not vacate during an outbreak of plague. He touched many lives and the stories of his kindness are still recounted by his patients. In 1980 he was arrested for his adherence to the Bahai Faith. While in prison, he was asked by the former minister of health to serve as the prison doctor. During his 18 months of incarceration, he treated and consoled his fellow prisoners who affectionately called him the Angel of Prison. The morning that the guards came to escort him for execution, prisoners circled around him to defend his life. Dr. Farhangi himself pleaded with the prisoners to allow him to pass.He was executed in June of 1981.
Biography of Dr. Masih Farhangi (1912-1981):
Biography of Dr. Farhad Asdaghi (1952-1984):
Dr. Asdaghi graduated from the Tehran School of Medicine in 1979 with distinction.He had a life-long dream of opening a clinic where he would care for the needy and provide them with free care. After graduation, he was immediately enlisted in the mandatory military service and dispatched to a small town, where he was able to realize his dream.His years of service where cut short by his arrest in August of 1981 for his position in the Iranian Bahai administration. He was released after 3 months mostly due to his compassionate and gracious personality.He returned to Tehran and married two years later.While he continued to extend his medical services,he was pursued by the Revolutionary Guard. He was forced to constantly relocate and was not able to visit his wife and their newborn son. In June of 1984 he was arrested and after 5 months of imprisonment executed on charges related to his faith. His body was never returned to his family.