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In the developed world we improve lives, in the developing world we save lives.
Giovanni Danesi
For more than 10 years, GEO’s mission has been to prevent the needless deaths of those who suffer from ear disease in the developing world. We use the GEO formula and develop solutions for today's global health challenges for the hard of hearing, deaf, and those who suffer from chronic ear disease.

From American Samoa to the Ukraine, GEO improves the lives of those with ear disease by educating the healthcare workforce, strengthening health systems, and innovating to save lives for those who might not otherwise have access to surgical care.

GEO knows that when a patient survives life-threatening ear disease, the family will survive, the family will be stronger, the country will advance, and our global world will be a better place.

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GEO Global Health Advisor

In a comprehensive advisory role, GEO offers a range of programs from humanitarian surgical services for the underserved, building of infrastructure, educational programs in the lab or operating theater all focused on training in otologic surgery. Our collaboration extends out to individual surgeons, public and private hospitals, governments, health ministries, and other nonprofits.
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Ukraine Otology Foundation

Ukraine is a culturally rich country of 46 million people and in the western city of Ivano Ivano Frankivsk, GEO works with Dr. Roman Fishchuk and the Ivano Frankivsk Medical University supporting training and education of residents and physicians, so to improve knowledge of ear disease and surgical skills of graduate physicians.
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16th Peruvian-Temporal Bone Course
LIMA, Peru

GEO in collaboration with the University of San Marcos will be teaching its 16th temporal bone course in Lima, Peru. With a state of the art lab and a pro-station with video, GEO teaches a basic course on middle ear disease, focusing on anatomy and techniques of surgery, including live surgery sessions and temporal bone drilling. Advanced instruction including cochlear implantation is also offered.
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ORL Paraguay Foundation
ASUNCION, Paraguay

Dr. Terry Liu of Asuncion, Paraguay, has put his vision of improving education to work in Paraguay, with the formation of ORL Paraguay. The foundation in collaboration with the Hospital Clinicas and CBM of Germany, has developed a temporal bone lab and will work with residents training them in ear anatomy. The foundation will also reach out to those with ear disorders who are limited economically.