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Educating others to save lives and hearing....

Volunteering is the key to our manpower. Medical students, residents, fellows, nurses, and educators join ear surgeons and participate in the educational process. Come and join us help make the world a safer place for those who suffer from ear disease.

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Jan 19-30 American Samoa
Feb 16-27 Marshall Islands
March Mozambique**
March 19-28 Ukraine
April 23-26 Peru (TBC)*
May American Samoa
June Ethiopia**
July 17-26 Paraguay
August American Samoa
November 5-8 Peru (TBC)*


Jan American Samoa
March Ukraine
April Peru (TBC)*
May American Samoa
June Ethiopia**
July Paraguay
August American Samoa
November Peru (TBC)*

*(TBC) T. Bone course
** GEO Europe Program

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Donations are the backbone that allows us to provide education to the doctors that we train and along with this comes the ability to help those surrfering from ear disease in a sustainable way. Please contact us to discuss how you might help.

GEO Received the AAOHNS
Humanitarian Award-2009

AMERICA - GEO as Global Advisor
WASHINGTON State, USA - Global ENT Outreach has developed a comprehensive approach to developing programs in hearing loss and deafness and as well training doctors in Otologic surgery in the developing countries. In an advisory role, GEO aims to offer a range of programs from Humanitarian Service Projects, to helping build infrastructure, and as well develop educational programs to increase knowledge. Our collaboration extends out to individual surgeons, public and private hospitals, governments, health ministries, and other nonprofit organizations. Please contact us.

UKRAINE-Ukraine Foundation of Otology-UFO
IVANO-FRANKOVISK, Ukraine- GEO made its second trip to Ukraine in February and signed an agreement of cooperation with the Ivano Frankivsk State Medical University located in the western part of Ukraine, to support the training and education of medical students and residents and to improve the surgical skills of the graduate physicians. A culturally rich country of 46 million people, the Ukraine is in need of making advancements in Otology supported by Drs. Roman Fishchuk and Vasyl Popovych.
PERU-GEO 15th Temporal Bone Course LIMA, Peru-GEO in collaboration with the University of San Marcos will be teaching its 15th temporal bone course in Peru. With the state of the art lab and pro station with video, GEO teaches a basic course on middle ear disease, focusing on anatomy and techniques of surgery,
including a session with live surgery. Advanced sources are given with include cochlear implantation.
AMERICAN SAMOA-Sustainable Patient Care, PAGO PAGO, Am. Samoa -This small island nation in the South Pacific, home to 70,000 people, with a high incidence of chronic otitis media, lacks needed surgical care for those with ear disease. GEO travels to Am. Samoa to provide this needed care. Otology fellows interested in participating please contact us.