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Advisory role

Global ENT Outreach has developed a comprehensive approach to developing programs in hearing loss and deafness and as well training doctors in Otologic surgery in the developing countries.

In an advisory role, Global ENT Outreach aims to create self-sustaining programs. These range from simple Humanitarian Service Projects, to Comprehensive Hearing Health Initiatives. We have collaborated with individual surgeons, public and private hospitals, governments, health ministries, and other nonprofit organizations. Listed below are some details of the spectrum of GEO’s programs:

Humanitarian Service Projects:

• Design outreach projects for the underserved in rural areas
• Design outreach projects for underserved urban centers
• Collaboration with individual surgeons on local projects
• Collaboration with public and private hospital to provide surgical and medical care

Infrastructure building:

• Design temporal bone labs
• Design operating room suites
• Assist with equipment acquisition
• Design a working administrative model
• Assist in budget planning for programs

Educational programs:

• Build curriculums for ENT residency programs
• Teach audiology basics to both ENT and general physicians
• Train ENT residents in temporal bone anatomy
• Train local surgeons in the art of ear surgery
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