• caring for the vulnerable

  • inspiring others

  • building partnerships

  • sharing knowledge

  • training a new generation

  • to treat ear disease and save lives…

  • caring for the vulnerable

  • inspiring others

  • building partnerships

  • training a new generation

  • to treat ear disease and save lives…

Who we are

GEO saves lives and prevents avoidable deafness from ear disease for those affected by poverty and lack of care so they can reach their full human potential.

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Our Approach

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Temporal Bone Lab Design

GEO from the ground up helps design, develop, and build temporal bone labs for teaching purposes in both academic and non academic settings.

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Training in surgical skills

From the temporal bone lab where the anatomy of the middle ear is learned to the operating theater where technique is refined, GEO is helping to advance surgical skills.

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Program development

The GEO advisory network helps build and structure the curriculum for academic training programs in both Otology and Otolaryngology.

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Post Doctorate Fellowships

GEO helps support underserved communities lacking specialists by connecting experienced ENT and otology fellows in needed communities.

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Humanitarian services

Many communities are underserved and when it comes to ear disease GEO has provided surgery pro bono for those who lack access and funds for care.

Global News

Our programs and medical donations reach more than 25 developing countries each year, saving lives and transforming people.

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3nd International Temporal Bone Course

Keck USC School of Medicine, Los Angeles, had to postpone with co-host GEO the third temporal bone course for international and US based residents and ENT. The course was November 8-10, 2019. It is now scheduled for Oct 2021.To register click here.

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ZOOM Lectures Bi-weekly

In March GEO started online lectures with doctors from Ukraine and the program has expanded to include Spain, Italy, Poland, UK, Latvia, Ethiopia, Uraguay, Paraguay as well. The topics focus on mainly Otology. If you wish to join please e mail us and we will add you to our lecture program.

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GEO Fellow in Ethiopia for 1 year

Josh Wiedermann, a Pediatric Fellowship Trained ENT started a one year Global Health project in Mekelle, Ethiopia. He is training residents and building the program at the Ayder Referral Hospital in Northern Ethiopia. Follow him on wordpress. If you are interested in the position next year contact us.

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British Doctors join GEO team

The newest members to join GEO are a group of British Doctors in London under the direction of Misha Verkerk and Jeremy Lavy. Collectively they work with GEO and head the project in Mekelle, Northern Ethiopia.

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Andean Otosclerosis Course in Paraguay

GEO along with FORL will host the second course in Otosclerosis surgery in Asunción, Paraguay, August 13-14. Use of models and live surgery included. Click link below for more information.
Course info


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Ethiopia Lab Open

At the Ayder Speciality Hospital in Mekelle, Ethiopia the first temporal bone course was given in July. Doctors from Somaliland and Zambia as well attended. The course is offered in July and November of each year.

2021 Calendar

February • Cancelled
March • Cancelled
April • Cancelled
April • Cancelled
May • Cancelled
June • Ukraine (22-30)(
August • Paraguay (9-10)
September • Cancelled
October • USC TBC (8-10)
November • Ukraine (18-26)
June • Ethiopia (GEO UK)

+1 (360) 678-1383
[email protected]

Contact GEO

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+1 (360) 678-1383
[email protected]

Contact GEO

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